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What does Extra Virgin Olive mean?

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the only vegetable oil extracted from a fruit exclusively through a mechanical process in cold condition. There are in the market some other oils that claims to be "extra virgin"; however, these oil do not conform to the European regulation for cold extraction that states that the extraction is done at a temperature below 80F(27C). Other "extra virgin" oils are extracted either in hot condition or with the expeller process that warms the 'pasta' considerably due to the high pressure.

The cold extraction permits the entire conservation of those precious, beneficial substances the olives contain.

The regulations in force in Europe certify that the extra virgin olive oil must have an acidity below 0.8% plus many others parameters; a fruity smell at the olfactory analysis and a complete absence of defects such as rancidity, winy, moldy, greasy deposit, warm, metal taste, and so on.

Chemical tests carried out at the Department of Organic and Biology Chemistry of the University of Messina, have confirmed the high quality level of our oils as they contain all the characteristics required of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  The required characteristics (Fruity, Bitter, and Spicy), are defined as:

FRUITY: It is that olfactory sensation that recalls the smell and the taste of the fruit.  You can have a "green" fruity taste (sensation of fresh grass, tomato, etc..) or a ripe taste (more attenuate, almost sweet taste due to the ripeness of the olives).

BITTER: It is the typical taste of the extra virgin olive oil.  Its intensity depends on variety of the olives and their ripeness. The green olives, or the ones that start turned dark colored, produce an oil generally more bitter due to the substantial amount of polyphenols and, in particular, of the oleuropein which is a potent antioxidant.

SPICY:  Also known as pungent, this sensation is due to the chemical reaction between oil polyphenols and the endings of the trigeminal nerve located in the throat.  The intensity of the spicy sensation is due to the bigger or lesser amount of polyphenols.

Sikaurum Extra Virgin Olive Oils goes well with many different types of cooking , as well as marinades, dips, and salad dressings giving  you an opportunity to create new and wonderful tastes all your own. 

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